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Makeup Layers

I think it would be great to be able to wear like 3 different makeups on one layer on the face or if that isn't possible then to have makeup layers be separate from the heads so we can layer and combine different types of makeup that would normally not be able to be combined because they were on the same layer. So like on the cheek layer you could wear blush, beauty mark and freckles at the same time.

Stormm Firecaster , 31.10.2016, 19:24
Idea status: completed


flightlessangel, 02.02.2018, 07:46
I would love to be able to wear freckles and other makeups or tattoos..
Stormm Firecaster, 05.02.2018, 14:36
Now that some time has gone by since my initial post, I was wondering if having some sort of layer rerouting ability would work best and be easiest for most everyone?
So when you clicked an applier you would get a pop up with the option to add it to any layer the head. So like a freckle applier set to use the cheek layer could be rerouted to use the lipstick layer or eye shadow layer, etc. instead.
Thank you so much for your time and help, it's greatly appreciated.

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