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The Eye Close Animation breaks the inner corner of the eyes

When using any animation that involves having your eyes completely closed (ALL Bento Heads exhibit this issue - Gaia, Nyx, Ana, Lulu etc) the inner corner of the eye breaks (you can see the mesh itself degrades). As a photographer and artist on Flickr it makes it hard for me to use LAQ heads 100% of the time (which I would love to do, the shapes, quality etc. are fantastic as are the skins). If you guys can fix this that would be great, as other Bento mesh heads do not exhibit this issue.
This happens on default shapes supplied or any shape I have tried ( and I have tried some very extreme eye shapes to see when it finally looks normal). Please pretty please with lots of sugar and strawberries can you fix this issue Mallory

. Mishka . , 11.10.2017, 08:33
Idea status: completed


. Mishka ., 11.10.2017, 08:37

^There's a pic to show you what I mean. Below is another pic of another Bento head I wont name, see how the eye close animation looks natural and doesnt break the inner eye corner, leaving this here as a reference.

katijaAdored, 27.12.2017, 08:41
i second this suggestion.

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