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Do not rig Mesh Head Ears

As a human avatar with bunny ears, and human ears too (don't judge me :P), is there any reason that a human mesh head rigs the ears to the earbones? I know that for Nekos and others, we want the earbones to be able to animate the more animal shaped ears on the TOP of our heads. But with the mesh heads, that means the human ears get deformed up to the top and look very bizarre. Yes, you can hide the human ears with most HUDs, but then you can't wear any hairstyles that expose the (human) ears without a funny void on the side of your head. You CAN then wear another set of mesh human ears, but then you're using up attachment points that are already too few. It seems to me, in my ignorance, that there's no real reason for mesh head designers to rig the (human) ears to the earbones, and a lot to be gained if they were left unrigged attached to the head itself.

TotCorrigible, 09.12.2017, 16:04
Idea status: completed


Stormm Firecaster, 05.02.2018, 14:23
I don't have much knowledge on the ins and outs of bento rigging and such. I do however agree it would be wonderful to be able to wear my many different types of bento neko, bunny, puppy ears that I have collected without having to switch to a head other than my LAQ Scarlet. Even changing the ear size and such does not keep the bento ears from pulling up large chunks of the head even with ears set to invisible. It would be wonderful to have ear bones that are left unrigged as mentioned above or to maybe it as an added option, like include two heads, one with ears as they are now and one that allows bento ears to work properly without breaking the mesh. I'm including a few gyazo shots so you can see what happens, and this is with the ears turned off on the head and having tried changing the size of the ears on the shape I am wearing. Nothing fixes it.
Thanks so much for your time and help, it's greatly appreciated.

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