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More lipstick option for bento heads

I just bought the Neve head and I love it! However, Im not liking the lipsticks with it at all as I dont like the glossy lips. I like Matte. I went to the LAQ Main store and saw lipsticks on the wall. There was pinks and Reds. I was happy to see the reds but they are all glossy so I cant use them. I like the pink Matte, it looked very good on the lips, but I dont really care for light lipstick. So My suggestion is, please please please make the red lipsticks in Matte as well. Id buy those in a heart beat. Also, some neutral color Matte lipstick would be great too for those of us who dont care for light pink lipstick. Thank you!

Dusty Kranfel , 29.12.2017, 18:32
Idea status: under consideration


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