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Are the cleavages clothing appliers?

I bought the new cleavage applier and it has a ton of potential. I wear the vstring revo saline and it looks very nice except towards the bottom of my cleavage. So it needs a little work. However, the applier seems to be a clothing applier and not a skin applier. I am not sure but it seems that way. My cleavage applier disappears when I put my top on. Will it even be a skin option like the applier for Lolas? I wear the BANNED DEA mesh body as well with the vstrings revo saline with the omega added.

AnnaBella Hernandoz , 16.08.2015, 16:50
Idea status: under consideration


Karen1, 16.08.2015, 20:12
Yes I would like to see the cleavage built into the skin applier , and not use a hud layer to apply it as well. I bought the cocoa cleavage applier today, it isn't a great match to the cocoa skin applier , plus it uses a layer that can be uses for clothing or tattoo
Karen1, 16.08.2015, 23:32
Tried to edit this comment but cannot , actually the match on the cleavage applier is perfect match to the skin, it must not of been rezzed fully before , NOW we need them built into the skin applier as not to use one of the clothing layers,

But the skin match as is, is perfect :)
Jessie24, 16.08.2015, 22:52
agree , please put the cleavage option on the skin applier itself
Remi, 06.08.2016, 06:07
I wish there were cleavage appliers rather than just the system/tattoo/umdershirt ones!!!!

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