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Bento upgrades when the time comes :P

I would love the very pretty Trinity Mesh head to get a Bento upgrade when the viewer goes mainstream, so we can use the 15point head adjustment architecture to personalise our faces.

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Tressa Beaumont , 15.09.2016, 05:08
Response from the site administrator
mallorycowen, 14.06.2017
Released 16 June, 2017
Idea status: completed


Stormm Firecaster, 31.10.2016, 19:16
I would love that as well. I hope we get more expressions as well, with the ability to mix and match different eyebrow and lip animations to help create an even more unique look. By the way the new Maxine head is to die for!!!!
Sunshine, 09.11.2016, 15:42
Want to know if that is happening with these in future. Demoing them and loving them but hesitant to buy until I know if would update for Bento.
Lauressa Serenity, 11.11.2016, 16:54
i trust that Mallory is working on it and when ready she will be realising it with a bang. keep up the good work Mallory as you did for years.
mire iwish, 20.01.2017, 16:18
why LAQ is taking so long to update for bento? i have Trinity Mesh head also cant wait to see it
bea0904, 22.01.2017, 00:41
Unfortunately no questions will be answered here
Aoife Modan, 17.04.2017, 14:15
hello Mallory ,
I tried so many bento heads but its a horror , I love the Alva skin I bought at your shop I hope that you make bento heads so my sl face wont change that much and appliers for Alva I hope you had a great easter hugs AoifeModan
clairede, 13.05.2017, 00:58
Rumor around the grid is she is NOT doing a bento head. That comes from some top designers in SL.
clairede, 13.05.2017, 01:00
I hav purchase one elsewhere as has a lot of my friends who were hoping Trinity would be bento and were holding out until then. LAQ'S LOSS
Anais, 15.05.2017, 08:04
Rumors are as good as the paper they are written. If she is not going to produce Bento version of at least one of her heads, she needs to say something on one of the official channels, like her FB page or Twitter if she does that, and keep people from hanging. I'm still holding out hope. I have the Trinity 1.5 I'm not buying any other brand yet in hopes LAQ will do a bento offering but if not, I need to know if it's finally time to move on.
mallorycowen, 15.05.2017, 10:58
I'm sorry everyone, that it's taking longer than expected! We are still working on it, and I hope you will think it's worth it once it's out.

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