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64 votes Vote

Full body freckles and tan lines

if the skin has freckles on body should show also on the rest of the body and hands and feet (doesn't look right if the freckles ends abruptly on ankles and wrists).
tita maertens, 16.08.2015, 03:23
45 votes Vote

Ability to purchase the makeups separately

I would like to suggest that we could purchase the makeups ONLY from all of the mesh appliers at LAQ
Tressa Beaumont, 12.09.2016, 07:24
32 votes Vote


I would love to see a few Glamour Makeup packs with heavier eye makeup and some options like some Over-lined lips like Marilyn Monroe's and Dita Von Teese, so we can doll up these beautiful faces for some night-time glamour. Also Glamour liners...
Tressa Beaumont, 12.09.2016, 13:18
21 votes Vote

Ability to enter RGB Values on Trinity HUD

It would be nice if we could enter the RGB values on the Trinity HUD. This makes matching hair bases easier, as well as other makeup appliers.
Dallas MacKenzie (rockindallas resident), 13.08.2016, 01:37
18 votes Vote

Please make a shaved head base for Trinity.

I would love a shaved head base for this head. Thanks!
Io Bechir, 28.07.2016, 22:52
14 votes Vote

Men skin Appliers

Hello! As mesh bodies is becoming the norm, I would love to suggest doing skin appliers for Men. The one in particular I am wanting to use is Signature. But there are getting to be some well designed Men Mesh out there, and LAQ has always been...
Casper Whitfield, 17.11.2016, 00:43
1 comment
12 votes Vote

Are the cleavages clothing appliers?

I bought the new cleavage applier and it has a ton of potential. I wear the vstring revo saline and it looks very nice except towards the bottom of my cleavage. So it needs a little work. However, the applier seems to be a clothing applier and not...
AnnaBella Hernandoz, 16.08.2015, 16:50
10 votes Vote

SLINK APPLIERS Men - hands, feet & body!

Slink has just released the male mesh body but there are very few skins available for it. My husband has always loved his LAQ skin and really doesn't want to change it. He would love to be able to get an applier for the body, hands and feet. We...
Bootielicious Soulstar, 25.10.2015, 04:44
10 votes Vote

Please make a simple parted lip animation.

I would really like a selection of parted lips. The moods are cute but please more static animations we can us for blogging.
Response from the site administrator
mallorycowen, 18.08.2017
Both entries are still here, so I combined them into one. Thanks so much for your feedback! We have since added a parted lips option, but will keep your suggestion to add a selection of parted lips.
Ossia Xevion, 17.06.2017, 00:17
8 votes Vote

Eyelashes - Mima hud

The eyelashes in the Mima makeup kit are beautiful! It would be wonderful to have them as an option for all makeups.
diane macbain, 05.10.2016, 18:10
8 votes Vote

maxine bento head

i am not going to buy a hesh head till maxine becomes bento and it would be nice to get the makeup for mesh head too
Apple, 09.03.2017, 09:46
7 votes Vote

More lipstick option for bento heads

I just bought the Neve head and I love it! However, Im not liking the lipsticks with it at all as I dont like the glossy lips. I like Matte. I went to the LAQ Main store and saw lipsticks on the wall. There was pinks and Reds. I was happy to see...
Dusty Kranfel, 29.12.2017, 18:32
6 votes Vote

Ear Alpha

hello, please make the Ear alpha smaller so that we can use different ears. regards Alice
Alice09 Neiro, 23.07.2017, 01:31
6 votes Vote

A set of Matte Red Lipsticks

i would like to see a set of Matte Red Lipsticks, in the same colors as you have the glossy red set, that is for sale. (not semi-gloss, or shiny, or with a lot of lines in them. just enough to make them look realistic.) a bit of a moisture look,...
katijaAdored, 27.12.2017, 08:51
5 votes Vote

I want my SMILE back ♥

I am able to smile with my non-bento head (ie Trinity) but I can't get my Scarlet to smile and I miss my avi's smile. I select the 'smile' feature in the hud, or I use all the 'moods' and none of them produce any kind of smile :( Please make...
Honeyzkiss, 10.12.2017, 21:16
1 comment
5 votes Vote

Some thicker eyelash options for Beautiful Scarlet

I'm loving Scarlett Bento Head, and would love some thicker eyelash options for her.. a
Tressa Beaumont, 12.12.2017, 11:38
4 votes Vote

A Pale Tone for Sophia Applier for Vamp RP

I would love a Pale Applier or numbered equivalent for the Sophia Applier
Tressa Beaumont, 17.09.2016, 15:28
4 votes Vote

Better expressions animations for the Bento heads

Guys, pressing a Smile button in the HUD doesn`t really do anything.Others moods also doesn`t show great expressions. Happy and playful moods doesn`t really look like this. Why do you think showing a tongue was playful? Seen this on several...
Kyla Vixen, 23.12.2017, 14:42
4 votes Vote

Lighter skin tone please

there are vampire teeth included in the HUD I have for Neve but the lightest skin tone included isn't quite light enough for that. Would be nice to have a very pale tone that could be used with the teeth and also would look good with the freckles!
Jelo Jewell, 24.12.2017, 02:35
3 votes Vote

Vista Bento Hands Applier For Tasha and Tasha2

I would like a Vista Bento Hands applier for all your skins.
Sparkaphat Doobie, 02.04.2017, 12:09
3 votes Vote

More Eye Colors for Lulu?

And will there be more EyeFx later?
Sa'ari, 14.10.2017, 20:59
2 votes Vote

Ability use system head values to adjust features

The Marine head fits so close to my shape, except for the cheek structure and chin. I so much wish I could tailor that cheek and chin width somehow. It would be wonderful it you could add in capability to adjust for some of the unrigged values...
Desiraefavre, 06.12.2016, 23:21
2 votes Vote

Seperatly eylashes too buy for LAQ-Bento-Heads

It would be nice if you did not just have the ones already included in the HUD. But if you could also buy others.
Fe MyCarey, 13.01.2018, 13:06
1 vote Vote

A paler tone for Vivien. Fair skinned

I love Vivien but I'd like to see an even paler option of skin tone for her
Chellie, 25.11.2017, 20:17
1 vote Vote

Ability to combine animations

I would like the ability to be able to combine different animations for more variety.
mielette, 21.12.2017, 03:52
1 vote Vote

Pls add to the hud removing scripts!!!!

I am playing Combat in SL and I am not able to use the LAQ head that i bought week ago due to script LIMIT on combat meter!! Maitreya mesh body and many other bodies have the possibility of removing all scripts. We really need it! Mesh body is...
Anejka Cerise, 13.01.2018, 11:56
1 vote Vote

Smudge under the lip of scarlet

The shading under the bottom lip is a little deep and looks like chaffing. Lipstick sometimes makes this worse. Is there any possibility of a correction to this? I love scarlet and I've tried so many different skins on her but i love scarlet...
Aletheia, 03.02.2018, 04:03
0 votes Vote

wilma version on the new bento - Day one purchase!

As above!
paige, 03.06.2017, 16:38
108 votes Vote

Bento upgrades when the time comes :P

I would love the very pretty Trinity Mesh head to get a Bento upgrade when the viewer goes mainstream, so we can use the 15point head adjustment architecture to personalise our faces. Big Big Plus
Response from the site administrator
mallorycowen, 14.06.2017
Released 16 June, 2017
Tressa Beaumont, 15.09.2016, 05:08
39 votes Vote

LAQ Mesh head

Make a mesh head that fits with the LAQ skins.
mallorycowen, 19.07.2015, 16:56

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